Certificate of Recognition (CORô) Consulting

CORô is currently being used across Canada and is a pre-qualification requirement for many contractors on public- and private-sector projects. Certification provides a great advantage when bidding on work in the construction industry. Your company will have a proven higher standard for health and safety in the workplace.

The Certificate of Recognition (CORô) program provides employers with an effective tool to assess their health and safety management system. The Infrastructure Health and Safety association is the only 'Authority having Jurisdiction' to grant CORô Certification in the province of Ontario and is responsible to ensure that the CORô standards are upheld annually.

Ontario-Safety Training and Consulting Consulting can assist your company with development and implementation of a health and safety management system that meets the requirements of the Certificate of Recognition (CORô) Program as well as by assisting and supporting you within your internal audit with our experienced internal auditors and policy and procedure specialists to design, implement, and manage workplace safety and health programs.

A company working toward CORô certification must have an employee trained by IHSA as an internal auditor to review its health and safety program and sign for the internal audit. This is often a daunting and time-consuming task. Ontario-Safety Training and Consulting works with its clienteleís appointed internal auditor in assisting with the internal audit process to determine where improvement is needed and to assist in implementing a CORô (Certificate of Recognition) Program. When the company is ready an external audit is performed by IHSA and CORô Certification may be granted by IHSA.

One of the prerequisites of the CORô certification process is ensuring that your health and safety management system meets the minimum legislative and CORô program requirements. It is therefore imperative that the auditor:
 Conducting a full review (gap analysis) of your existing program, policies, and health and safety management systems to identify areas of strength and where improvements are required.
 Ensure the development of a customized health and safety program within the scope of your business activities that meets the requirements of the CORô program.

We wish to emphasize again that the only Authority having Jurisdiction to grant CORô Certification in the province of Ontario is the IHSA. A company working toward CORô Certification must have an employee trained as an internal auditor. Ontario-Safety Training and Consulting offers assistance to clients and their internal auditor within this structure, we do not offer CORô external audits or CORô Certification, nor does a completed Internal Audit / Gap Analysis in of itself guarantee a CORô certification as this is contingent upon the quality of the applicant companyís Health and Safety Program. We do however assist our clientele to make the necessary improvements to their health and safety program to meet CORô expectations.

MAINTENANCE of CORô Certification is an ongoing process that requires consistent maintenance after successfully receiving of your Certificate of Recognition. For the second and third years, additional internal audits must be completed and submitted to IHSA for review. These audits must successfully to receive a Letter of Good Standing and maintain your CORô status. We at Ontario-Safety Training and Consulting can assist with:
 Monitoring completion of internal documentation
 Completing second and third year internal audits
 Annual program review
We would like to open a dialogue with you regarding your goals for CORô certification and help determine how we may be of best assistance to you. Please contact us at: 1-844-527-0842 or use the inquire now tab on the top drop down menu.