The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act states that the employer is required to take every precaution reasonable in the circumstance for the projection of a worker. This includes, but is not limited to, providing training, keeping employees informed of hazards and developing Health and Safety Policy.
A health and safety policy statement, signed by your company president and dated, should contain references to:
• the importance of the health and safety of all employees
• compliance with health and safety legislation
• objectives of your health and safety program and the fact that the program activities are integrated into all operations of business.
• the responsibilities of everyone in the workplace.
In addition to this a Health and Safety Policy should contain detailed safe work procedures and a plan for implementing what has been made policy.
We are here to assist you to understand what is needed not only to work in compliance with the laws and regulations of your workplace, but will design the policies that are needed and help implement a program through training and on site consulting that will effectively manage your Health and Safety system.

Additional Fact:
• A Health and Safety Policy must be reviewed at least annually.
• Each employer who employs more than 5 employees prepare a health and safety policy
• There is a false belief that if a contractor does not have more than 5 payroll employees, but does sub contract to more than 5 workers, they do not require a health and safety policy. This is not true; all employers who employ more than 5 employees on a regular basis, whether or not payroll or sub contract basis must have a written health and safety policy and program

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