The ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards have received a facelift. The standards changes (which cover all North American aerials) went into effect early 2019 in Canada. The current ANSI/CSA standards have, for almost four decades, provided best practices for safe, reliable access to work at height.

MEWPs are now classified as Groups A and B with Types 1, 2 or 3.

The Group indicated where the worker platform is located in relation to the base, Group A is directly above the base such as a scissor lift and Group B being a boom mounted basket.

The Type is determined by how MEWPs are driven to, from and around jobsites. Type 1 MEWPs are only driven when in the stowed position. Type 2 MEWPs can be driven while elevated, but the machine’s drive controls are on the chassis. Type 3 MEWPs can be driven while elevated, and the drive controls are on the platform.

Major training standards changes to be aware of include:

- Safe Use Planning

- Supervisor Training

- Occupant Training

- Maintenance and Repair Personnel Training

- Robust Inspection and Operational Training

Course structure:


Major causes of accidents
Responsibilities of the Dealer, Owner, User, Operator
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Define construction project – Regulations 213/91
Pre-Operational Inspection
Battery Care and Maintenance
Workplace Inspection
Safe Operating Procedures
Evaluation (written test)


Pre-Operational Inspection
Battery Care and Maintenance
Workplace Inspection
Safe Operating Procedures
Dealing with Company Specific Hazards
Hands-On Training and Application
Evaluation (practical test)

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