Hoisting and rigging operations are a serious endeavour where 'lives and loads' are at stake. Guesswork and chance have no place within the workplace, especially in the unforgiving world of lifting. Rigging is a special event, risk is created every time we lift a load off of the ground. Specific tools, methods and an informed mindset is critical. Even if we have "done it that way for 20 years", risk management requires that hazards are identified, that the right rigging equipment be used and a plan be in place for safe hoisting.

Ontario-Safety training has been providing rigging training at both fundamental and advanced rigging course levels.

Rigging Seminars

Recognized as an industry leader Ontario-Safety.ca offers training on how to safely work with rigging equipment and communicate effectively within the workplace.

Rigging Training:

  • Details proper inspection of slings and rigging hardware.
  • Instructs on Industry best practices for safe rigging.
  • Includes lessons on load estimation/calculation.
  • Teaches about hidden load forces that must be accounted for in every lift.

Ontario-Safety.ca is also able to consult with you on some of the more general or site-specific rigging questions you may have at your workplace.

After completing the course you will be issued a training certificate, valid for three (3) years.

Ontario-Safety offers a one day introductory or two-day Rigging Development Course for individuals that work in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, utilities, etc., such that they should meet the OHSA's requirement for being a 'Competent Worker'.

Training is facilitated by a licenced crane operator with experience within the industry as an apprenticeship instructor and recognized by Human Resources Development Canada as a subject matter expert.

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