Critical injuries from falling continue to be a leading cause of lost time in Ontario workplaces. This Fall Arrest course is designed to include many aspects of fall prevention for workers that are under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Industrial Regulations.

Fall Arrest training is required for workers when they will be at working at a height greater than 10 feet from the floor.

Participants are instructed on how to recognize hazards and protect themselves while at work by exercising prevention skills and using fall arrest equipment. Inspection of Fall Arrest equipment and basic ladder safety considerations are reviewed.

Workplaces such as warehousing, industrial maintenance and retail outlets that do not require training for construction workers benefit from this half day course.

Workers that require 'Working at Heights' training under the Construction Regulation 213/91 need to take the full day 'Working at Heights - the Fundamentals of Fall Prevention' course as outlined by clicking the following link:

Working at Heights - The Fundamentals of Fall Prevention

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