Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Truck

In addition to WHMIS training, anyone who handles or transports hazardous or dangerous materials should have this training. This includes employees in shipping and receiving, drivers, and even loaders within a business.

Transporting dangerous goods is often just a part of the job, but there are federally and locally regulated guidelines that dictate how these goods must be transported and how to use an Emergency Response Plan to manage accidents or safety issues.

This course will provide participants with transportation of dangerous goods training covering the following information:

-Basic understanding of the Regulations

-Classifications of dangerous goods

-The identification of and documentation for dangerous goods


-Incident reporting

-Responsibilities of Shippers, Receivers, Carriers & Drivers

Successful participants will receive a certificate that is either an 'Awareness Certificate' or if training includes workplace (employer) specific training is valid for the a three year period provided that the participant does not change employers.

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