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Protecting workers from infectious diseases on construction projects

Construction workers are often at risk from exposure to infectious diseases on construction projects due to poor sanitary conditions associated with toilets and clean-up facilities. Poor sanitation is a major cause of disease and can be a serious occupational health risk.

It is the responsibility of employers, owners, constructors, suppliers of equipment, and supervisors to ensure that all workplace parties comply with the provisions of the OHSA and the regulations in order to protect workers from hazards in the workplace including the protection of workers from infectious diseases due to inadequate sanitation on construction projects.

Construction employers have duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to ensure that every reasonable precaution in the circumstance is taken for the protection of workers (section 25(2) (h)) of the OHSA.

Constructors must ensure that, in accordance with section 29 of the Construction Regulation (O. Reg. 213/91), toilets, urinals and clean-up facilities are provided or arranged for workers before work starts at a project and that there is reasonable access to them.

Provide (or make arrangements for) water flush toilets that are connected to a sanitary sewer, or chemical flush toilets that are not connected to a sanitary sewer.
Ensure that minimum numbers of toilets as prescribed per number of workers regularly employed at the project are provided, and separate facilities for female workers are provided, unless the facilities are intended to be used by only one worker at a time.
Ensure an adequate number of urinals are provided. Subsection 29.1(6) of the Construction Regulation provides the number of urinals that can replace toilets if the facilities are only to be used by males. Ensure that facilities are serviced as often as required. (One week intervals may not be sufficient in warm weather or when larger numbers of workers are present at a project).
Clean-up facilities
Provide an adequate number of clean-up facilities, as prescribed (not less than ½ the number as toilets) and ensure that they are equipped with wash basins, with both hot and cold running water where reasonably possible, paper towels and receptacle or a hand dryer.
In cases where it is not reasonably possible to provide running water, it is permissible to use hand cleanser that can be used without water, paper towels (and receptacle) or a hand dryer.

This article is an excerpt from the Ontario Ministry of Labour Website which may be viewed in it's entirety at: